Minesweeper google

Minesweeper google is a single-player puzzle game, it’s a famous free online game that is played by millions of people around the world, it’s first appeared in the 1960s and since then many versions of the game emerged. It’s challenging and difficult to win in this game.

At the beginning of the Minesweeper google game a 2D grid of identically looking tiles is given to the player, some of the tiles hide a mine without the knowledge of the position of those tiles by the player the rest of tiles are safe. The player knows the number of tiles that hide mines, that number is what determine the difficulty of the game, the higher the number is the hardest the game became.

The player role is to uncover all the tiles which do not contain a mine, if the player reveals a tile that contain a mine he loses, if all the tiles not containing mines are revealed the player wins and the game ended. The game gives the player the possibility to compete by offering some useful information, the safe tiles revealed contain a number that tells the player how many of the 8 adjacent tiles are armed, To avoid mistakes, the player has the possibility to mark tiles as armed, which implies they cannot be revealed. The parameter to determine who did the better job in two won games is time so the Player need to finish the game in short time possible.